torstai 3. toukokuuta 2012

Pyry Anton Meriluoto


Personal Details:

E-mail: pyry.meri(at)
Born October 11th, 1995 in Espoo, Finland


2011 - (2014)                        Espoo Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School
                                                  - Matriculation Certificate in 2014

2008 - 2011                          Järvenperä Upper Comprehensive School
2002 - 2008                          Karamzin Lower Comprehensive School

Work experience:

16.6.-10.7.2011                    Groundskeeper / Caretaker in property maintenance company - summer job

4.6.2011-                              Football Referee for G-,F- and E-juniors (ages 6-12)

Language skills:

Finnish                                    mother tongue

English oral                             good
English written                        good

Swedish                                 moderate

Computer skills:

I'm reasonably good with computer. I have used Photoshop and Movie Editing softwares.I have also used Power Point many times for school assignments so it is familiar to me. I use social media often so I know Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. very well. My dad is working at Information Technology business so computer skills are in my blood.


I play football for 4 times a week at reasonably good team. I focus hard for my current school because I'm planned to go for University. I often jog with my dog and spend time at my schools gym.